Case Study Shivaji University

Case Study Shivaji University

Traitfit – Digitally enhancing the candidate performance process for Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Shivaji University established in 1962, is a state university located at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. The university, with a campus spread over 853 acres, is named after Shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire. It was inaugurated on 18 November 1962 by Sarvepalli
Radhakrishnan, the then president of India.

Shivaji University is one of top state-run university in Maharashtra. They wanted to develop a psychometric assessment for identifying the slow learners and advance learners in the university and device a counselling and intervention program for them. They needed to work with an online assessment system in order to identify these skills sets to train them.

  • How to differentiate between the good and the better candidates?
  • Were in need of a Skill focused tests to evaluate candidate’s abilities, behaviour and
    personality traits in the greatest detail?
  • How to deliver these tests – with time and cost efficiency?
  • How to churn out immediate results when the candidates have appeared for the test?


A) Building of the Competency Matrix, Writing Items, Sampling and Validating the proposed Assessment

  • We Identified 10 competency (psychological constructs) areas necessary for
    selection of the students.
  • A literature review followed by item writing and scaling for these constructs was
  • Standard sampling procedures were followed to test the newly formed Assessment.
  • Statistical Analysis was performed on the data collected, to establish Chronbach’s
    Alpha (Reliability Coefficient), Test- retest Reliability, and Validity.
  • Interpretation of scaled scores was done to give away the results.
  • As we are the International Affiliate Member of International Test Commission, all of
    this was done adhering to the guidelines of International Test Commission (ITC) and
    American Psychological Association (APA).

B) Introduced Online Assessments

Saves time, saves logistics, digital documentation of each potential Candidate’s skills. SU carried out their first round of testing on its campus. This was followed by counselling and training sessions.

C) Wide set of Skills used from Traitfit Question Bank

Traitfit’s content team developed custom content to test every ability and personality trait required for the program. SU used Traitfit’s pre-canned question banks on Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Thinking Style, Spatial Reasoning, Leadership Ability,
Self Confidence, Motivation etc. to test candidates.

D) Scalability

SU conducted 5000+ assessments in one week across the departments in the campus.

E) Security

With Traitfit’s web proctoring features and proactive ground support, SU could confidently conduct the assessments and counselling sessions.

F) Support

Traitfit’s 24×7 strong support team hand held SU representatives from Assessment creation, to testing and to on the ground support.

G) Quick Turn Around

Traitfit’s automated reporting feature enable SU generate immediate reports – saving many man-week-hours.

G) Power / Network Resume Feature.

Poor college infrastructure was countered by our Power Resume Feature that auto saves candidate’s answers to handle infrastructure issues (Internet, Network, Power outages; System crash, restart)


  • SU successfully conducted assessments of 5000+ students.
  • Thousands of man hours saved with the help of our automated reports, ready to use
    question banks, remote proctoring.
  • Improved Campus branding by improved candidate experience.
  • Lowered Interview Cost by filtering higher quality candidates.
  • Improved approximately 10% time to offer – the hands-on assessments filtered
    relevant candidates for the interview round.