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We are a global company optimizing Human factors and facilitating Well-being. A modern functional design that consolidates technology with behavioral sciences. With the help of psychometric assessments, we harness our professional expertise to help our clients achieve their full potential.

Personality and Skill Assessments

Scientifically curated assessments providing customized solutions for Talent Identification, Retention and Engagement on Traitfit.

Career Guidance Solutions

Comprehensive solutions to assist educational institutions and students in their overall growth and well-being on Whizqiz.

Well-being Enhancement

Providing a robust system to nurture and enrich your living holistically. We equip you with adequate resources to optimize your experience.

Psychometrics And Well-Being

An ambition to reveal all the positive aspects of human existence Brainberg started out in 2019. Through our products and the expertise of our team, we show the path to our clients from unease to ease, and from missed opportunities to success.
As per statistics, only the individuals who are healthy and happy can contribute to their communities. are depriving them of their abilities, changing the picture of a happy and fresh youth.
Around half the inhabitants of the world are under the age of twenty and about 26% are younger than 15 years of age. These 26% experience an additional disconnect from complex thinking- having difficulties while planning or defining priorities, which weighs on their actions
Being a team of psychological as well as medical professionals, we help our clients maintain their healthy lifestyle along with their mental, moral and physical development

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