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Brainberg was established in 2009 with a vision to reveal all the positive aspects of an human existence. Through its services and products Brainberg mediates the changes in lives of people from unease to ease, from missed opportunities to success, from relationship conflicts to happy ever after and from despair to hope.

The company runs daily clinics, counseling services and conducts training programs for human excellence. The company also designs, scientifically validates, and publishes a comprehensive range of psychometric tests for recruitment, career guidance, talent management, training and personal development purposes.


Whizqiz is an online platform of Psychometric assessments for the age group of 7 to 21 years. Through our wisely designed assessments, we guide the students of all age groups in various aspects of life.


Synapse is a program specially designed for the cohort of the individuals born after 1990. It is 16 module program, which helps individuals to achieve personality fitness, skill fitness and culture fitness. It works as a bridge to connect them to their real self.

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Our Indian philosophy is very rich in terms of the deep knowledge that it provides. It talks about the “Advaita” which means to… “
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Keep the wicked feelings away
मना सांग पां रावणा काय जाले।
अकस्मात ते राज्य सर्वै बुडाले॥
म्हणोनी कुडी वासना सांड वेगीं।
बळे लागला काळ…”
Encourage the individuality of your child
We all have some or the other dream which we want to fulfill in our life. If due to some reason, we fail to do it, we naturally want…”



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