Traitfit is an outcome of intense churning inside Brainberg labs.

What we have?

  • Statistically valid and reliable assessments
  • 100% Secure and easy way of talent management
  • Industry Specific Benchmarking
  • Individual/Students to identify their skills and employability status
  • Training providers and educational institutes for keeping the track of their training interventions.
  •  Assessing bodies and employers from industry for evaluation of skills of the candidates.

Traitfit's mission is to help organizations in following areas:

Recruitment and selection:

  • By ensuring cultural fitness, organizations can increase employee longevity. By ensuring role and competency fit, organizations can reap the benefits of higher productivity.

Leadership development and succession planning:

  • Organizations can reap the benefits of preparing the second line of leadership, developing skills for meeting challenges like turnarounds, starting a new business, launching a new product, and reinventing the business model etc.

Forming Project teams:

  • By ensuring the right composition, organizations can benefit by leveraging the collective energy of the group as a whole and manage team dynamics better.

Engagement and retention:

  • By understanding the motives, values and preferences of people, organizations can utilize the insights drawn from these instruments to manage aspirations of people especially in today’s context when workplaces are increasingly becoming diverse.

Culture building:

  • These instruments can also be used to drive initiatives for specific cultural transformation such as building culture of innovation and deriving excellence in customer service, for which there are certain behaviours or skills required.