SBI Case Study

SBI Case Study

An Organisation plays different roles and explores various fields in their CSR activities. From education to health to empowerment, a company works in a lot of fields. Brainberg can help you with understanding the communities’ job requirements, ambitions, and career aspirations.
Ever wondered how your company can work more efficiently in contributing to social entrepreneurship, rural livelihood, women empowerment?
Brainberg helps you evaluate their interests, capabilities, domain knowledge, personality, abilities etc. This inturn is fruitful when they approach companies, give interviews or are equipped with entrepreneurial skills. Employability and training is another aspect where Brainberg can provide and assist in psychometric assessments which measure the required skills and knowledge.
These tests can also help put together a dedicated team within the company which works towards the CSR activities. It will assess their strengths and weaknesses, skills, motives etc . For a more enriching experience Brainberg can also customise these psychometric tests as per your company’s needs and requirements.
As value added services, the Brainberg team can assist your company with psychological analysis to interview potential employees for this dedicated team and/or for the community job seekers. In addition to that Brainberg provides well-being counselling and career counselling as well.
For a more detailed explanation and as an example, kindly go through the below SBI case study where Brainberg assisted their YFI team in similar ways.



The Youth for India Fellowship program works for the rural development of India. It gives the fellows a hands-on experience of the ground realities of rural India and helps these young minds transform into their aspired versions. The grass root level problems and struggles of these rural communities can be understood, heard, and acted upon only after staying there for a period of 13 months. During this time, these selected fellows devise a project by doing a needs analysis and survey of the community. Accordingly, they have to plan a project which falls under one of these broad categories:-

- Education

- Health

- Environmental Protection

- Food Security

- Rural Livelihood

- Traditional Crafts

- Women Empowerment

- Self Governance

- Social Entrepreneurship

- Water

- Technology

- Alternate Energy

Once this plan is made, with the help of the partner NGO in that particular area, the project is implemented. With regular guidance and support from the NGO, the project is worked upon for its sustainability.


SBI was facing problems with assessing the fellows based on their mental preparedness and emotional stability. As in the past years of this program they have had fellows who went through mental trauma and depression by being a part of this program. So, to make sure the program is smooth for the company and the fellows , this year they wanted help with identifying candidates who were psychologically stable.


Once the candidates reached the interview stage they were given the Personality Assessments. The SBI Youth For India team was facilitated with 1000 personality assessments for prospective candidates by Brainberg, so as to gain a better understanding of their mental and emotional health. Along with assessments Brainberg also provided a value added service. The entire tenure for this project was 4 months i.e. April-July 2021.

Benefits of the Test

  • These tests reveal information about individuals’ social behaviour traits, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and attitudes.
  • They even help identify high potential candidates.

Value Added Service
While collaborating with SBI, Brainberg even provided them with a psychological analysis of each candidate by being a part of the interview process. The Brainberg team was fully equipped with sufficient and precise analysis which came with these personality assessments. The panelists consisted of alumnus, directors, founders and a psychologist. The personality assessment guided the interview process as traits like –

- Integrity

- Grit

- Thinking Styles

- Conflict Resolution Styles

- Empathy

- Accountability

- Perseverance

- Innovative Thinking

- Agreeableness

- Analytic Reasoning

- Problem Solving

- Conscientiousness

- Effective Communication

- Adaptability

- Value Orientation were measured.


Our team was able to successfully aid this process and select 150 candidates who were fit for this fellowship program. The Brainberg Team along with the SBI YFI team were able to study, analyse, observe and come to a systematic conclusion about the holistic profile of each candidate. This helped them select better candidates who were emotionally stable and had the right qualities which were required for the rigorous training given to them . Furthermore these qualities are required for the kind of mental preparedness which will be essential for their stay ahead in the rural sector.