Connect your child with his perfect self

A program for 8 to 18 yrs old children to develop


Skill fitness:

Skills shape you as a person and lets you conquer the world. This program offers you the ability to identify your positives and negatives. It helps you identify your peak points. It helps you polish your skills and connects you to your strengths.


Personality fitness:

This program helps you build your personality. Lets you work on your traits. Develops you as a person. Offers you physical and mental grooming.


Cultural fitness:

Connects you to your cultural roots. Lets you set your own morals and ethics. Helps you grow scientifically with cultural understanding.

Know Yourself- Assessment

Allows you to know yourself better through online skills and personality assessments.

Emotional Intelligence

Explains and develop your EQ. You understand why EQ matters in your success.

Social Intelligence

Enhances your social bonding, gives shape to your social intelligence.

Multiple Intelligence

You get to develop 9 types of intelligence. A power pack module for 360 degree growth.

Working Memory-I

Unfolds the magic of short term memory. You can retain all that you want.

Working Memory-II

Enhances your attention span. Helps build your concentration power.

Emotional Freedom Technique

The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through a wide range of emotions. It takes anxiety, fear and negativity away.

Moral Values

Makes you a ‘culture fit’. Shapes your beliefs and builds your value System.

Meditation and Chakras

Chakras are the seven points of spiritual energy within us. Each chakra is associated with different qualities of spiritual and mental health. It lets the mind focus to enhance these qualities.

Parenting with Parents

It gives different beneficial techniques to parents to make parenting easier at every stage.

Neuro Linguistic Programming -I

Neuro- Brain, Linguistic- language, and Programming- how that neural language functions. It is like learning the language of mind.

Neuro Linguistic Programming -II

Second part would be for giving you the deep knowledge about how to practice it in daily life.

Behavior Modification

It involves tricks and techniques to modify behavior. It can be either increasing or decreasing particular behavior for your good.

Vision and Goal Setting

It involves the sessions which would guide you to have clear vision and definite goal in life.

Giving Back

This is particularly about gratitude and realization of what we have must be shared.

Open for life

This involves felicitation of students and proudly opening doors of life for them.


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