Brainberg provides wide range of health services along with mental health services. We are a team of Psychology experts and Medical professionals. Sound mind resides in a sound body so, we take care of your physical health too. Each age group has some of their own challenges, including their mental, moral and physical development. We understand the fact that human mind is a tool to keep human body healthy. While treating the patient, we consider all the aspects of their personality.

Early Years

Health Earliest years are one of the most critical times in human development and our investment here establishes the foundations of all learning in the future. There are sufficient data to support the positive potential of quality interventions that is age-appropriate during the preschool years to help prepare children for entry to school, while also supporting social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Children learn through two most powerful media of observation and imitation. While most of the opportunity windows are open for this age group, children develop nearly all basic and essential traits for their future growth in this age group. For this reason this forms the most vulnerable and developmentally important age group of children. During middle years, children gradually develop into more independent and separate human beings who are capable of exploring the world around them. They are curious and develop social skills and friendships, as well as become more prone and receptive to a host of exclusion practices, such as gender and race stereotyping, bullying and victimization. They explore their environment more independently and continue to be prone to accidents. They can take more responsibility for their behavior, gradually learn to delay gratification, and learn tasks that develop self-confidence and independence. What children in middle years see and hear at home, in their school, their community and in media, influences their behaviors, attitudes and world views. Nearly everyone has suffered from a cold, the flu, and a sinus or an ear infection. Most people have experienced a cut, scrape or abrasion that became infected. Even in the case of more severe infections – such as pneumonia – we expect the cough and congestion to ‘run its course’, aided by prescription antibiotics, over-the-counter symptom remedies, and our body’s own immune system.A regular visit to your doctor or a routine health check up for your kid is an essential thing to do, to ensure good health of your kid.


Adolescence is believed by many to be potentially a stormy and stressful period when young people are handling simultaneously physical, social, emotional and cognitive changes. This is the period of transition to adulthood, and adolescents may experience frequent mood swings and aggressive or emotional outbursts. This very stage of life is called as puberty and many hormonal changes along with development of secondary sexual characters occur at this juncture of life. They are often torn between rational thought and irrational risk taking, between adult responsibility and childish mischief. Current research on brain development during this period of life supports the conclusion that adolescence is characterized by sensation seeking and higher risk taking. Additionally, there is a disconnect with complex thinking as early adolescents whose executive functions have yet to develop, have difficulty demonstrating rational abilities of planning, setting priorities, making decisions, and weighing consequences of their actions.The young are the future of society, but they are also very much it’s present. Around half of the world’s inhabitants are under the age of 20. As evidence from statistics and the experience of experts show, adolescents who are healthy and happy are better equipped to contribute to their communities as young citizens despite the major shifts occurring in the world they are about to inherit.Bad habits and poor hygiene, persistent behavioral risks, poor basic sanitation, and new and emerging diseases are contributing to a deadly mix that is changing the classic picture of healthy youth.


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