“The ultimate goal of the blessed life is physical health and mental serenity”

One cannot function without a healthy body, may it be mental or physical. These interdependent forces make each of us who we are, and we here at Brainberg take care of both by helping you comprehend your potential while nourishing all aspects of the individual personality.

Being a team of psychological as well as medical professionals, we help our clients maintain their healthy lifestyle by studying in detail each age group; all stages of life have their own challenges, along with their mental, moral and physical development, which if not channelized, can lead to undesirable behaviour. Major development of our bodies and mind takes place in our childhood, from being a toddler until the end of teenage and our perception of the world as adults is based on the experiences one has in their early years. According to Freudian theory, inability to overcome these challenges or adapt to them can cause fixations or trapped behaviour, which can act as a barrier to a healthy and joyous lifestyle unless steered the right way.

Early Years

It might not seem much but we learn fundamental things in this age; in what way one reacts to certain events in their surroundings is instrumental in building personality, for children learn through two media: Observation and Imitation. There have been enough findings in studies to support the positive potential of quality interventions that are relevant in preschool years to prepare these younglings for beginning schooling, while also encouraging social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

When they enter what we call the pre-adolescent age, children start forming their independent identities and their curiosity leans towards newer concepts, but this is also the time when they are more susceptible to gender & racial stereotypes, bullying & victimization, and prone to accidents in an attempt to boost their social skills. We see pre-teens take more responsibility for their behaviour and gratification is latent.

Nearly everyone has suffered from flu, sinus infections or an ear infection, even a slight abrasion runs the risk of turning into a septic wound. Regular visits to the doctor and routine health check-ups are essential to take care of and enhance your child’s health.


A period of confusion, where the young persons have only a short while to understand or even acknowledge the changes that occur in the physical, emotional and cognitive domains, is surely a difficult phase but it is just as vital. Frequent mood swings, emotional outbreaks and nervous breakdowns are predominant during this age. These experiences are a part of hormonal changes and the development of an adult personality. Half-children and half-adults, the youth feel like they are stuck in a purgatory where they seem to fail at choosing among rational thought and irrational, childish risk-taking behaviour.

Current norms of research on the brain suggest higher risk-taking and sensation seeking for stimulation. Around half the inhabitants of the world are under the age of twenty and about 26% are younger than 15 years of age. These 26% experience an additional disconnect from complex thinking- having difficulties while planning or defining priorities, which weighs on their actions.

As per statistics, only the individuals who are healthy and happy can contribute to their communities. Bad habits and poor sanitary conditions are depriving them of their abilities, changing the picture of a happy and fresh youth.