Counseling is a systematic process to help a person to find the right insight or solution to his/her problems and challenges through making him/her aware of their strengths and positivity.

Counselor is a qualified professional in the field of Medicine, Psychology and Counseling who lends his/her expert advice to the counselee (individual).

At the outset, the counselee (individual seeking counseling) fixes an appointment with the office/clinic of the counselor. This is followed by the first session of the counseling in which the individual reports his/her problems. A detailed case history in the form of interview is taken by the counselor. This is called as the initial disclosure session. A series of successive sessions as per the requirement of the individual are taken and the rapport between the counselor and the counselee is established.

Every person is endowed with an unique personality. Due to some unwanted and unavoidable life situations you may come across some kind of stress and can get bewildered. Here is exactly where you need help. Situations where counseling is needed are:

  • Not able to concentrate on studies
  • Not able to manage your day with study, play and other activities
  • Are afraid of exams
  • Feel as if you have lost confidence
  • You are been teased and have become fun for your friends
  • Have health issues
  • Have problem writing or reading, solving math, or memorizing.
  • Want to choose your career
  • Learn how to take care of your child
  • Your child is hyperactive and attention seeking
  • Your kid has scholastic backwardness
  • Your kid is arrogant, disobedient and careless about his studies
  • Your kid has adjustment or behavioral problems
  • You receive complains about your child from the school
  • You want to channelize your kids potential in a right way
  • You want to learn new and advanced methods of parenting
  • You have career issues
  • You have problem/stress at your work place
  • You are not able manage your relationships
  • You have problem with spouse/marital adjustment issues
  • You want to succeed and live happy, peaceful Life

“Every child and person is endowed with some innate abilities and personality. With advancing time and events occurring in the individual’s life, he/she may feel stressed out and grasped by some distressing feelings. Therefore leading to disease state. To bring back the state of ease it is very important to express your feelings and challenges in order to seek help from a doctor.”


“Brainberg has a fully functional academic and clinical assessment facility. From children and teachers in the school to the needs of clinical settings required in a clinic we provide thorough and reliable diagnostic assessment service.”

For every age group we provide various assessment tools. Center possesses several updated and most comprehensive tools for assessing IQ and Memory skills of children. After the assessment we provide detail understanding and analysis of the result inferred after the tests. Thus parents gain a foresight for the current and future development of the child.

A comprehensive test for evaluation of your Intelligence quotient (IQ)

  • Age group: 5years and above
  • Time taken: 45 minutes
  • Type: Paper pencil method conducted individually
  • Number of facets evaluated: 10
  • Report: Printed report with numeric value of IQ and a comprehensive counseling session for further guidance

This test measures your abilities and skills required to succeed in your choice of vocational field.

  • Age group: 14 years and above
  • Time taken: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Type: Paper pencil method can be conducted individually and in group
  • Number of abilities evaluated: 8
  • Report: Printed report with numeric value of each ability on standard scale with a counseling session for further guidance

This is a key test to understand the probability of how will you perform on every platform of your life. Students and professionals are equally benefitted by this test.

  • Age group: 12 years and above
  • Time taken: 30 minutes
  • Type: Paper pencil method conducted individually
  • Number of facets evaluated: 10
  • Report: Printed report with numeric value of EQ with counseling session for further guidance

This is a guide for parents on the motor and mental development and milestones of their baby.

  • Age group: 1 month to 30 months
  • Time taken 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Type: Observation and Performance based
  • Number of facets evaluated: Motor -7, Mental – 10
  • Report: Printed report with numeric value of motor and mental DQ followed by counseling session on further guidance

This is a very useful test for screening the attention deficit hyperactive disorder in children.

  • Age group: 4 years to 12 years
  • Time taken: 30 minutes
  • Type: Parent rating scale
  • Report: Describing the child behavior followed by counseling session for further guidance

This test is done as a primary screening of Autism in children.

  • Age group: 4 years to 12 years
  • Time taken: 30 minutes
  • Type: Parent report inventory
  • Report: Printed report of the scores describing the child behavior, followed by counseling session for further guidance.

We have got three basic learning styles through which we learn. They are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK). This test evaluates the predominant and secondary learning style of the individual.

  • Age group: 3 years and above
  • Time taken: 15 minutes
  • Type: Parent/ Self rating scale
  • Report: Printed report describing your learning style

This a short test readily used to identify your vocation or occupational interest.

  • Age group: 14 years and above
  • Time taken: 20 minutes
  • Type: Paper pencil method
  • Report: Printed report classifying your vocational interest in 10 main groups


This is screening test for your Employability skills. It evaluates your working skills and attitudes to guide you through your professional career path. It provides you the recommendations for your future course of action.

Investor Risk Tolerance test assesses the degree of variability in investment returns that an individual is willing to withstand.

This assessment is to evaluate the leadership skills hidden within you, to make you understand your ability to lead and to find your path.

Emotional intelligence is a capability of an individual to identify their as well as others’ emotions well. It is an ability which allows an individual to empathize with the other individuals to work with each other by coordinating.

It is an assessment to evaluate the sales quotient of an individual to identify their skills and abilities in the area of sales. This is a mix of personality, skills and cultural aspects of an individual.

This is most sought after personality assessment from the repertoire of Traitfit assessments. This flagship assessment gives the user a complete understanding of his/her corporate or business self.


Synapse is a scientific term used for the gap between two nerve cells which works as a signal transformer from one nerve cell to another nerve cell. We in our Synapse program, work as a connection between students and their parents. Synapse is a 4 month program designed for the individuals of 8 to 18 yrs old, twice in a week for 2 hrs.

    • Skill Fitness
    • Cultural Fitness
    • Personality Fitness

Synapse is an initiative by Brainberg Knowledge Services LLP. It is the program which allows kid to connect with his real self. This program is designed for the generation Z. This generation has many challenges before them, even if they are blessed in many ways. Following are the things which Synapse offers them for their overall growth.

A structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron
It is the connection establisher
  • An intermediate between two generations.
  • A torch bearer for little travelers.
  • A platform to express yourself a place to grow well.
  • The soil to nurture tiny seeds to develop the future trees!


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