Core Team

Core Team

About Us

We started out in the year 2009 with an ambition to reveal all the positive aspects of human existence, our entirety. Through our products and the expertise of our team, we show the path to our clients from unease to ease, from missed opportunities to success, from despair to hope, and from relationship conflicts to happily ever after.

We run daily clinics, provide counseling services and conducting training programs to help our clients achieve their full human potential. For all of this, we must know you, our client, for which we have designed, scientifically validated and published a range of psychometric assessments. Career guidance, recruitment, talent management, training and personal development are the fronts on which we enable you to fight on your front.

About Brainberg Clinics

As parents, we don’t have all the answers. After all, kids don’t come with instruction manuals. That’s why Brainberg Clinics and Consulting connect parents with expert resources, parenting classes, programs and advisors to help you become an even more amazing parent – through every stage of life.

For all Parents, their world revolves around their children. Parents want the best for their children and want to ensure a happy, healthy and playful childhood. They try ever hard to make the future of the child happy & successful. Education provides the basic knowledge and discipline required in the growing years, parents are always looking to enhance and nurture various skill sets in their children and helping them to excel in the same. While the demands of a modern stressful life have to be addressed, our children deserve complete and proper attention.

We at Brainberg are dedicated to ensure that every child, adolescent, parent and teacher receive enough guidance and proper healthcare treatment for all their problems, small or big.

Our Vision
Brainberg elicits the positive qualities/ traits/ aspects of an individual. We endeavor to help people live life with optimism, hope and above all happiness.
Our Mission
Where our sole aim is to help people live a life infused with joy and cravings, devoid of guilt and melancholia, we strive to accomplish our goal through our services.

Our Credentials

Member of International Test Commission, USA

Assoc.member of SIOP, Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, USA

DIPP, Dovt. of India, Recognized Start-up

MoU Partner with Maharashtra State Skill Development Society(MSSDS)

Mentors for Change(Atal Tinkering Labs) NITI Aayog, Govt. of India

Member of the Association of Test Publishers

Key Statistics

  • 10+ years of psychometric assessment experience
  • 300+ pre-built tests available in multiple languages
  • 90+ competencies & traits
  • 20+ industry sectors mapped & to choose from
  • 100+ clients internationally & domestically
  • 40,000+ of our tests are taken every year
  • 30% of business coming from exports

Core Team

Mr. Vipul Patil
Poorva Deshpande
Behavioural Analyst & Assistant Manager
Vasudha Parkhi
Test & Assessment Lead
Dr. Dnyaneshwar Pensalwar
Dr. Vinaya Acharya
Dr. Abhijit N Sarode
Ms. Manpreet Kaur
Dr. Swati Rahane
Dr. Viren Sharma
Principal Consultant
Owee Sawarkar
Program Enabler - Synapse

People Sciences Team